How do I choose my tennis racket?

Are you a beginner?

Then we recommend you to choose a racket with the hitting area of ​​about 100 square inches, and between 320 grams to 250 grams.

Then due importance if you are a man, woman or junior.

Male = 300 grams (+/- 20 grams) Grip 3 (small hands grip 2)

Women = 280 grams (+/- 20 grams) Grip 2 (small hands grip 1)

Junior = 270 grams (+/- 20 grams) Grip 1 or 0. Junior Rackets (26 inch and lower) just have one grip size, but if you are over 10 years so

you must choose a light racquet for seniors and then there are often different grip sizes to choose from. On those occasions - choose grip size

1 or 0, depending on your hand size.


Wide frame width or not?

Wide frame width - Gives very fast and more easy to play due to a larger "sweet spot".

Thinner frame width - Provides much control


Stringing Pattern and its impact

Dense string pattern - Provides more control and last longer

Sparsely stringing pattern - Provides more speed and helps the player to get extra topspin


Tennis racket head size

Larger head size - Easier to play with

Less head size - Good for average player and up to elite players

 The most common head size is between 95 sq in and 100 sq in.


Racket Weight

Here we usually say that seniors should be from 275 grams (unstrung weight) up to 340 g. Then it depends a lot on the style you have. Tennis Shop recommends not to choose the heaviest tennis rackets if you want to be able to generate great topspin with your wrist.

Flat ball striking - A little heavier racket.

Topspin - Medium Heavy.

Beginners - Should have something lighter tennis rackets than advanced tennis players.

Juniors - Should use 280g or less.


Grip Size

Men - In the normal case, the grip size 3 (4-3 / 8) selected

Women - Grip 2 (4-1 / 4) fits most

Juniors - Grip 1 (4-1 / 8)


Still unsure of your choice of the racket?

Then we recommend you to email us. We are pleased to help you in your choice among the jungle of Tennis rackets.

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