Indivudual re-stringing of your tennis racket


We know how important choosing the right strings and the right tension are for the best experience of your tennis racket. Therefore, we have assembled som short information about re-strining your rackets. In our webshop you can choose to restring your old or your new racket-just go to "accessories" and look under the menu "Tennis strings". From there you can choose from a wide selection of tennis strings. The string and the stringing-job is included in the price.


Good to know abou strininging your racket

- The more power you want - the looser you should string! 
- The more control you want – The higher tension you should string!
- If you play with low spin - increase the tension a bit
- If you want much topspin - string with a lower tension
- Are you a "hardhitter" - increase the tension for more control
- Are you hitting the ball with low power – lower the strining tension because it will help you to gain power
- Do you have pain in your arm - lower your tension

Guiding about strining tension in kg

- Very high tension = 30 kg 
- Medium tension   = 26 kg 
- Very low tenison  = 20 kg

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