Team Wear Guide

Looking for club clothes for your tennis club? Then we can help you. We have good contacts with all leading brands regarding hawk quality clubwear. Important to keep in mind is that when you place orders for club clothes to be used for sports. Always choose exclusively clothing made in functional materials, making it much more enjoyable to play tennis or practice other sports. We also recommend that you choose training overalls and tops that are complementary during the season as it is important to be able to order during the season to club members. Below is a guide to things that are important to think of / know when ordering overalls and other clothing.

1. The material must be possible to print your association's logo on.
2. It should be functional material that breathes.
3. The clothes will be complementary during the season - Minimizes that the club builds large layers of unsold club clothes.
4. Let the members try the clothes in the club and take orders.
5. A good idea may be to increase the membership fee a little bit - And the member receives the club`s team wear for free.
6. Make order early
7. Lowest price guarantee

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If you want more options than what is available under the category of club clothes, we can produce according to your wishes.

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