Which Padelracket fits me?

Yes, it's not always easy to choose which paddle rack best suits your own game level. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the paddle rack. In general, one can say that a main shape has three different shapes. Diamond-shaped gives the most speed, round shape gives the most control and drip-shaped gives a difference between speed and control. Furthermore, it can be said that a hard core on the paddle rack gives more speed while a softer core on the paddle rack gives more control and feel. The heavier the more the faster you get, while the racket becomes more lightweight if it does not weigh too much. Below is a more specific description of various parameters that may be interesting when selecting the paddle rack.

The shape of the rack head


For most players regardless of level, it is easier to play with a round racket. Such a shape on the rack head causes the so-called "sweet spot", the center of gravity, to be at the center of the rack head. A racket with round rack heads is often called the control rack.

diamond Size

Such a racket has sweet spot a little higher up, which gives it an extra "kick" if you have a good smash and therefore becomes a racket shape that is best suited to advanced players.

Drop shaped

Drop-shaped paddle rackets provide a good combination of speed and control, so playing with too many paddle players can be interesting.



Most racket for adult players weighs about 370-380 g and the width of the frame is 38 mm. Too many play with unnecessary heavy rackets or misbalanced dito. Because you would like to add extra overlays and perhaps a frame guard tape if the rack does not have a built-in frame guard, then add weight. This is a negative factor for those players who have problems with or tendency to the paddle arc / tennis arcade (mouse arm), so these players should test a lighter racket.


Balance means where on the rack head the balance point exists. The balance may be high, ie closer to the top of the rack head, medium or low. The closer you reach the balance point, the easier you experience the rack head. A racket that is top-down will be experienced as heavier to swing. Often, top tunge rackets are considered more offensive, with more "power" unlike control, as they give more weight to a smash. Diamond-shaped rackets are generally top-tied, while round rackets have a low center of gravity and drip-shaped are usually medium-balanced. Rackets with the balance further down can be easier to maneuver at full play. For younger players or not so strong players, it may also be an advantage with these rackets as they are easier to maneuver and thus provide a technically better stroke with higher speed and more power. Both balance and weight in a racket can also be affected by additional overlays and metal weights that can be tackled.



The frame on paddle rackets is almost always made of carbon fiber for the racket to be extra durable. The core consists of a foam rubber-like material, EVA or Foam, where most of today's rackets have EVA, which has better "memory properties" and is durable. The outer core of paddle rackets consists of fiberglass in cheaper rackets, glass fiber and carbon fiber blend or only carbon fiber in more expensive rackets, which is also stiffer and durable than cheaper and softer fiberglass racks.


The most common thing is that paddle rackets have a surface that is blank or matt lacquered, which is also easiest to clean production technology. Therefore, it is not as common for the rackets to have a roughened surface layer, which some players prefer when it is felt that the racket grabs the ball better when it is cut. This can be achieved by using a laminate with a patterned surface layer. Much more difficult, and only a few factories can handle the manufacturing process, is to mix in a kind of granulate in the paint to create a sandpaper-like surface, giving you a better grip on the paddle ball.

Frame protection

To increase the life of a rack, frame protection is often used. These can be made of plastic pressed in pre-drilled holes in the frame or even better of a type glued with special lining in the frame. Bullpadel's most advanced models, Pro Line, have a frame guard in light aluminum, Metalshield. If your racket lacks frame protection, a good tip is to put on a frame guard tape. This type of tape also protects the edges of the racket and can also be overridden with an existing frame guard.


Reduce the risk of paddy elbow

To reduce the risk of having lateral epicondylitis or paddle arc / tennis arc / (same problem as in musmar), it may be worth using a lighter paddle. The risk can be further reduced if the racket has a built-in vibration damper. In principle, all adult rackets have the same grip size which may be another important factor for the emergence of the paddy elbow. Therefore, if you have a big hand, it is important to build on the grip by using one or more crossings. 


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