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Choice of Tennis Balls

Which tennis ball should you choose?

- 90% of our grown up customers chooses pressurized tennis balls because they provide a much better feeling and touch and is graet for your body.

- Pressureless tennsi balls are used on high altitude or for tennisplayers that does not play tennis more than 10 times a year. These kind of tennis balls lasts longer than the pressurized tennis balls.

- Junior tennis balls. There are three different kinds.
9-10 years old. "Green ball" called Academy1/TIP1 is 25% slower in the air compared to an ordinary tennis ball.
8-9 years old.   "Orange ball" called Academy2/TIP2 is 50% slower in the air compared to an ordinary tennis ball.
6-7 years old.  "Red ball" called Academy3/TIP3 is 75% slower in the air compared to a ordinary tennis ball.


Leveranstid 3-5 dagar
Leveranstid 3-5 dagar
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Product Description:

A tennis ball for beginners and perhaps especially children who are beginners. The ball is suitable for between ages 7-8 years. The ball travels 50% slower in the air compared to a real tennis ball - allowing the beginner gets more time to make every tennis stroke technically correct.

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