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Choice of Tennis Balls

Which tennis ball should you choose?

- 90% of our grown up customers chooses pressurized tennis balls because they provide a much better feeling and touch and is graet for your body.

- Pressureless tennsi balls are used on high altitude or for tennisplayers that does not play tennis more than 10 times a year. These kind of tennis balls lasts longer than the pressurized tennis balls.

- Junior tennis balls. There are three different kinds.
9-10 years old. "Green ball" called Academy1/TIP1 is 25% slower in the air compared to an ordinary tennis ball.
8-9 years old.   "Orange ball" called Academy2/TIP2 is 50% slower in the air compared to an ordinary tennis ball.
6-7 years old.  "Red ball" called Academy3/TIP3 is 75% slower in the air compared to a ordinary tennis ball.


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Product Description:

Buy one of Wilson's best tennis balls!

The ball is used in the Davis Cup contexts worldwide. Premium Ball, the new technology nCore allowing gas remains longer in the ball. In addition, so stick the ball surprisingly dry even when playing in damp conditions.

Supplied in 4-pack of tennis balls.

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