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What should I think about when buying padel shoes?

Here you will find our range of padel shoes for men, women and children. Choose from a wide range of Padel shoes. You will find perhaps the Nordic region's largest selection of padel shoes with us, and with good low prices as well. We only market market-leading brands that have a good history of quality. Our biggest and most reliable shoe brands in the padel shoes category are Adidas, Asics, Babolat, Bullpadel, Head, Nike, Wilson, but we also have a bunch of smaller shoe brands that are absolutely host class.
It is important to have good padel shoes so that you can move well on the sometimes slippery padel courts. If, on the other hand, you play on mono grass (same as WPT), you should choose an All-court sole.
Sort by your shoe size and you'll find the right one right away.

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When buying padel shoes, it is important that you find the ones that give you the best possible performance and protection on the padel court. Here are some important factors to consider in finding your optimal padel shoes:

Firstly, the grip on the sole. This is one of the most crucial factors to consider as it directly affects your ability to move on the court. A good padel shoe should have a sole that is specially designed for padel, with patterns and rubber compounds that provide good grip. This allows you to make quick movements, stop quickly and avoid slipping.

Second, shock absorption. Since padel games involve a lot of quick movements, it can lead to stress injuries on your joints and muscles. Therefore, it is important to choose a padel shoe that gives you good shock absorption to reduce the risk of injury. The shoes should provide support for the arch and heel, and absorb shocks and impacts effectively.

Third, ventilation. It can get very sweaty and hot on the padel court, especially during longer games. It is therefore important that you choose padel shoes that breathe well and keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the game. Shoes with ventilation holes or mesh material on the upper are an excellent choice.

Fourth, fit. A padel shoe should not only have good functions, it should also sit comfortably and securely on your foot. Make sure to choose a shoe that fits your foot shape and size perfectly, and that gives you enough support and freedom of movement. Feel free to test the shoes on a padel court to see how they feel and move on the court.

Fifth, weight. A padel shoe should be light and not weigh you down during the game. Therefore, choose shoes that are light and comfortable on the feet so that you can move quickly and smoothly on the court.

Sixth, design. It is important to choose a padel shoe with a durable outer part that protects your foot against shocks and impacts. A good design also adds an extra touch of style and personality, so choose one that suits your taste and style.

Finally, make sure you choose a padel shoe from a reliable and quality-oriented brand to get the best possible quality and performance on the court.

Here you will find our assortment of shoes for padel tennis. Choose from a wide variety of Padeltennis shoes below. Filter your shoe size so you can find the right shoe in an instant. 

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